Built – Budget Cold Drip Coffee Station

OK, so the mega-blok thing was a bit silly. Here’s my real cold drip station, built on a budget mainly to learn about cold drip.
Parts for this build consist mainly of items I already had laying around:

1.25-2L soft drink bottle with the bottom hacked off ($ free)

something to hold the drink bottle in place (i used the top of an old popcorn popper)
adjustable irrigation dripper (60 cents, bunnings hardware)
Aeropress brew chamber (already had, else, ~$50)
S-filter metal disc for aeropress (optional, just use paper otherwise)
2x aeropress paper filters, cut down, to fit inside the aeropress brew chamber
Jug to receive brew (I used my Hario range server)
Timber to build tower, or some other shelf system with appropriate holes in it
I used Jarrah off cuts from the deck/verandah I built out the front at home. Sliced em up and then cut them up to build a tower with three basic shelves

The idea of cold drip is, water drips from above, in to a bed of coffee (brew chamber) which filters slowly in to a receiving jug of some type over a period of time determined by the drip rate.

My recipe:

100gm medium ground coffee

600gm water, 100gm ice
40 drips a minute
Grind and dose the brew chamber, settle the bed nice and flat, lay down the two ‘cut down’ aeropress filter papers, set up the water delivery system above with desired drip rate, then wait.
When complete, you can store it in the fridge in a bottle or some other container which can be closed.
Serve over ice, or over ice with sparkling water, or on ice with milk, or however!


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