Product Review: The AeroPress Coffee Maker


aeropress-logoThere is something nifty about manually brewing your own coffee and the Aeropress Coffee Maker  allows you to do just that – and it’s small enough to take travelling. Whether you need it to help keep you buzzing at 2 am to catch a late night flight, on a long road trip, or perhaps even a cup of delicious coffee to wake you up during a camping trip; whichever way you prefer it, you can do it – simply invest in a reasonably priced AeroPress Coffee Maker!

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What Is It All About?

Although many people (including myself) have mistaken it for a French press – I learnt that this is definitely not one. The main difference is that the Aeropress separates the ground coffee from the final product and uses pressure as its main brewing technique.

I, myself, am no coffee connoisseur but I must admit the AeroPress definitely scored points for being really easy to use (although I did attempt it a couple of times mainly to play with the flavour). This is ideal for everybody, from the novice at coffee brewing to the avid coffee drinker. The AeroPress may be really simple to use, but it doesn’t make it any less effective in creating a delicious, smooth cup of coffee.

Become A Master At Brewing Coffee

Instructions on the website and product differ slightly to that of the Barista-winner, Gwilym Davies, who has his own Aeropress method. It proves how versatile this little product is and that’s part of the fun – that you can spend time tweaking and creating your own cup. The finer your ground coffee is, the richer the taste; and the more contact the coffee has with the water and the longer it brews, the more bitter the taste. So in formulating your own twist on the Aeropress coffee, you have the freedom to create something that perfectly complements your taste buds. The first Americana I attempted I added too much water and the final product was quite bitter (or at least too bitter for my taste). With my second cup I decided to rather make an espresso, which I filled up with hot water, so I added less water and spent less time letting the water and coffee brew – it really made a huge difference to the overall flavour.

What You Need To Do:

How to use the AeroPress

The AeroPress Explained

What makes this product stand out?

  • The Aeropress brewing technique uses a gentle air pressure system by pushing down on the plunge, which creates a smooth rich flavour
  • The pressure system lowers the acidity levels in the coffee
  • The paper filter helps preserve the coffee flavour and reduces bitterness
  • Watching the steam swirl in the tube as you push down the plunge is an exciting start to the coffee ritual.

What We Think

AeroPress in Action

AeroPress in ActionIt’s simple to use and even better, it’s simple to clean. All you need to do is remove the cap, push the plunger right to the end and remove the coffee. All the coffee comes out with no problem. Lastly, give the outside a quick rinse and you’re done!

With so many coffee makers on the market, reviews are bound to be mixed. It really just depends on your coffee taste, but if you’re after a decent cup of coffee while travelling around (it comes with a neat little bag to keep all the parts together).


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